July 2019 news

Work on the accommodations is in full swing, and the Center should be operational by mid-August now (but the dojo).

Result is beautiful and Ioan Zahan, head of the main company operating on site (Batioan), is particularly committed to the quality of the work. As an example, walls coating is carried out “at spot”, means that it is constantly tested with the help of a razing light to ensure there is no defect… It is with this level of detail that the company realized the masonry, remade the wall coatings, repaired the wood frame, removed and reinstalled old tiles, laid partitions and applied the paint, and laid ground tiles of the large building.

Following Ioan Zahan’s footsteps, Dominique Jardin, woodworker of Genillé realized beautiful bunks in height in the five main bedrooms of the main building. This concept, which I am particularly proud of to have pushed personally, is a great success. These bunks are very nice and offer a very large living space, much more than simple bunk beds.

The access stairs to room 10 (the one above the technical room) have been installed.

As far as the dojo is concenred, piles were driven on July 8th & 9th and now only wait for the beams from the ground of the dojo… The execution plans are not yet available in mid-July, but Alain (the architect) and M. Roullet (the boss of the Boussiquet company) agreed on sticking points and we should have implementation plans early in week 35 (July 22). Manufacturing should be able to (finally) start. The current schedule takes us to the end of November. This means activities cannot begin until early January 2020! But within 10 years from now I will not remember that the Center was originally a few months late.