Charter of Ten no Mon

You are entering an outstanting, preserved place. Respect it during the whole of your stay, along with the surrounding nature to keep it in its exceptional state.

At night, if we pay attention, nature offers real “concerts” which require silence. So that these concerts can express themselves naturally, and in order to respect the wildlife that lives around here, please avoid any unnecessary noise, especially after dark,

In order to respect the surrounding wildlife, please don’t feed animals, and don’t leave your food behind.

Avoid using torches during night walks in order not to disturb the nocturnal fauna,

If you find litter (anything that is hanging around and “isn’t natural,” as my friend Robert would say), take it back to the Center, and place it in a trash can,

Buildings are public places, so please respect smoking and vaping bans.

It is common sense not to smoke anywhere in the forest, so please :
– be careful of the obvious fire hazards with your cigarette butts
– after you’ve extinguished them, please take butts back to the Center and place them in a trash can,
– if you find a butt which is not yours, please take it back to a trash can

Other suggestions : Ten no Mon being a good place to get away from it all – a real “retreat”- treat this as an opportunity to take a rest from smoking, mobile phones, social media. Try to disconnect from every day life as much as you can.