Q: Are mobile homes accepted at the Center?
A: The parking lot can accommodate a small number mobile homes, but this is not an optimal mode of operation because there is no public sanitation, no electrical outlet, and no water system accessible on the parking lot.

Q: Is there a charging outlet for an electric car?
A: At the moment, only private means are available to charge electric cars (very long process). There is a project to install photovoltaic panels above parking lots by 2024 and an associated electric cars charging device. 

Q: Would you have laundry cleaning service on site, especially for one-week stays?
A: A laundry room with a coin operated washing machine is available next to the technical room.

Q: Is it possible to arrive only on Saturday morning for a weekend stay?
A: It depends on your group manager. If he agrees, there is no problem for us. A discount of 30€ will be granted if the announcement of this decision is made known by your group manager when registering. It may not be claimed with less than a two day advance notice. 

Q: Can I choose my meals ahead of time?
A: The proposed menus are decided in advance and selected by your group leader. Meals are served at the table. Menus are the same for the entire group except if your group leader has notified us at least two weeks in advance to organize the logistics accordingly. There is a supplement of 3€ per additional meal that is produced for any reason such as allergy, intolerance or other diet different from the rest of the group.

Q: Would you accept groups other than Martial Arts?
A: Center is mostly dedicated to accommodate groups of Martial Arts practitioners. However, if you practice a discipline that requires a room with a wood floor or tatami we would be very pleased to welcome you.
We would even be happy to welcome a group of walkers, cyclists or horse riders for one or more nights.

Q: Would you accommodate individuals ?
A: Center’s mode of operation is to receive groups organized around one leader per event. However, if someone is interested in taking part of a specific event
identified on Center’s calendar (even a private one), we would be happy to put them in contact with the person in charge of that very event.

Q: Can couples have a separate room?
A: It is up to the organizer of each event to make the distribution of the rooms with the rules specific to his group, and according to their availability. Generally speaking, a room will be occupied by at least two persons, with the exception of managers who may have a room on their own depending on availability.

Q: How do you manage snorers?
A: It is up to the person in charge of your group to organize the rooms. Generally speaking, groups that are used to sport centers or group cottages do regroup snorers together by bedroom.

Q: Are sheets and towels provided?
A: Yes. A pair of sheets, a pillowcase and a towel are distributed at the reception desk of each trainee. A blanket is placed on each bed. At the end of your stay, you are asked to leave all your sheets, pillowcase and towel in the corridor in front of the laundry (lingerie) room. 

Q: What time should rooms be left at the end of their stay?
A: In principle, room keys should be returned by noon on departure day, but depending on the occupancy and schedule of your last practice there may be flexibility.

Q: Would we have to clean before we leave or is it included in the rates?
A: Housekeeping is included in the rate (if rooms have been used as expected…) but if you want to help, you are welcome…

Q: Is the food of good quality?
A: With the standards that are imposed for any new entity which starts in business, it is almost impossible to have a real kitchen nowdays. In addition, employing a cook for a structure that operates mainly over weekends and few complete weeks a year for an average of 30 to 35 guests would be financially non economic. So, we have chosen to set up a catering room rather than a kitchen and to have meals delivered by caterers in cold connections. It is a cuisine made with local products. There is a possibility to have vegetarian food, keeping in mind each specific meal for single person or limited number of persons is charged an extra 3€.

Q: Can you give us some ideas on how to frame a program of sightseeing tours around?
A1: Must-see within half an hour’s drive:
visit of Loches and its Castle, the Château de Chenonceau, the zoo of Beauval, the leisure base of Chemillé, the rope park of Chemillé, the nine holes Golf of Verneuil… walks in the forest of Loches…

A2: a little further (less than an hour):
– Amboise and its Castle, the Clos Lucé (last residence of Leonardo da Vinci), the aquarium or France Miniature,
– Castles of Valençay, Azay le Rideau, Langeais, Villandry, Chaumont… and their gardens!
– The fortress of Montbazon and its activities around the Middle Ages;
https://www.parcminichateaux.com/ https://www.touraineloirevalley.com/decouvrir/chateaux-de-la-loire/ https://www.forteressedemontbazon.com/

A3: a little further… but you’ll have to come back, it’s too complicated to see everything in one stay, the region is full of tourism resources!!!

Don’t forget to visit the wineries of the region that provide good wines (to drink with moderation): Bourgueil, Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil, Vouvray, Montlouis (which has nothing to envy to Champagne), Chinon…